ORIGIN (Optimising cultural experiences for mental health in marginalised young people online )

Exploring how online cultural experiences support marginalised young people

Led by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and University of Oxford

Seventy-five percent of mental health problems occur before the age of 25, however young people are the least likely to receive mental health care. Addressing the needs of young people’s mental health is now a priority for the health professionals and communities, and online interventions can help people who are not receiving care.

With young people as research partners, we will:

  1. gather views on how online cultural experiences can be improved for those with the greatest need and from marginalised groups;
  2. design an enriched and engaging online cultural experience;
  3. consider preferred ways of monitoring mental health by questionnaires and wearable devices;
  4. evaluate the effects of the intervention on the mental health of young people on NHS waiting lists and those who do not seek help; and
  5. assess value for money.

Young people will be core members of the research team; they have shaped the research and will collect and interpret information in the research. The overall project advisory board will include young people, teachers, carers, charity workers, social workers, and arts and cultural experts.


Dr Rebecca Sheriff, University of Oxford

Programme area

Behavioural science



UCL Team

Dr Daisy Fancourt


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)



Just funded – website to come.