Arts in Health: Designing and Researching Interventions, a book by Dr Daisy Fancourt, provides a complete overview of how to go about undertaking research and practice in the field of arts in health.

The book is aimed at researchers, practitioners, healthcare professionals, and those interested in learning more about the field. It contains useful resources including a 7-step process for developing interventions and a 4-step process for researching these. It also signposts readers to many other useful frameworks and resources.

  • Part I explores the context for arts in health interventions, including the history of the use of arts in health and the theoretical and political developments that have laid the foundations for its flourishing. It also considers what ‘arts in health’ encompasses and the range of disciplines involved.
  • Part II examines how to design an arts in health intervention, develop partnerships, and find funding, and considers the sensitivities around working in health care.
  • Part III considers the value of research for the field of arts in health and how to design and undertake a research project.
  • Finally, Part IV provides a fact file of arts in health research and practice, showing how the arts can be applied and the benefits they can bring across a range of medical disciplines.

The book can be found here.