A fRAmework of the DetermInants of Arts aNd Cultural Engagement (RADIANCE)

A new framework of individual, local and societal factors affecting arts & cultural engagement for health

Research Paper

Read the full research paper for an-depth explanation of the framework.

Evidence Brief

Read the evidence brief for a summary of the RADIANCE framework.


Watch the webinar where the authors introduce the framework, present case studies and offer guidance on how to apply it to help optimise arts and cultural engagement.

In recognition of the proven social value of the arts and culture, including to health, the UN has declared access to the arts a human right. However, arts engagement remains unequal across society, perhaps because the focus in policy terms is often on exploring and removing individual-level barriers to cultural engagement, rather than addressing the social and societal context that provides the conditions for such barriers.

A new framework, RADIANCE, conceptualises 35 factors that act as determinants of arts engagement at individual, community and societal levels. The framework, developed through literature reviewing and engagement with disciplinary experts, defines each factor and explains their interconnectedness, while also exploring the implications of RADIANCE for research, policy and practice.

For an introduction to the RADIANCE framework, watch the animation below. 

Summaries and resources

For an in-depth explanation of the framework, read the full paper.

For a summary of the RADIANCE framework, read our evidence brief.

Explore the interactive map of RADIANCE below and here (leads to external website). For the smoothest experience, we recommend viewing the map on a laptop or PC.

Use ‘Zoom fit’ and the + and – buttons to zoom in and out of the map. Left click and hold to move around the map. Click on the green nodes to reveal definitions of the different determinants of arts and cultural engagement. Click anywhere on the background to hide the description/definition box.


On 11th July 2024, we held a webinar introducing the framework. You can read about it on our blog and watch it below.


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Complexity Science



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Prof Daisy Fancourt

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Dr Katey Warran
Alex Bradbury
Lucy Nicholls
Rosie Dow



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